Let us Plan, Measure, Verify and Report on your Impact

How we serve our clients

SAAC cares about people and a sustainable planet. Let us support you to Plan, Measure, Verify and Report on your organisation’s social impact.

We collect and analyse social data and use results to assess strengths and weaknesses, and to outline gaps and opportunities. Our interventions improve community governance and participation, strengthen linkages between partners, enhance transparency, promote public accountability, and instill a sense of responsibility among all social chain actors.

How can we help you?

Social Impact Audits

Through Social Impact Measurement and Management (IMM) practices we help organizations to make informed decisions about how to improve the well-being of people and the planet.

Social Impact Planning

SAAC delivers a 6-D Impact Planning Process for Social Impact Planning for our clients.

Socio-economic data analysis

We use data to support Social Impact Measurement to drive social investments and to identify new actions that will improve social impact within a specific context, over time.

Training & Capacity Development

SAAC’s training programme is tailored to provide localized, best practice, world class content in collaboration with our regional and international partners.